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So agree, then a trip to the sunshine state is to visit a friend of mine BMW dealership and a half hours driving, it is very clear what is happening through my mind. Is not that time is absolutely gorgeous it is anyway this time of year. 2008 BMW x6 is undoubtedly an impressive race memorable, and it is unique that I never tested before. Not the case, about the appearance or impression of any other sport utility vehicle, simply too much made his own niche. At first, it is difficult to describe! And is an important success of knowledge, especially when the vehicle is properly his own category ... the cutting of sports activities creating x6. I quickly activated the start button and combined heart and soul or as independent player. This is a small preview of the 2008 BMW x6.

X6 This is a clear reference to morph two cars. From the beltline, and a x6 seemed too like 3 series coupe with a small tapered rear roof. From the beltline and below, all of the SUV, more or less similar to the X5 and Porsche Cayenne positions. I think the look is black, and a lower center of gravity to help make it a touring performer, and you'll soon see why. Internal appointment to the BMW upfitted royal materials and lighting and atmosphere of the earth, which can be described as a star. I drove a base model (if there is such a thing), with the technology package (voice-activated navigation, rearview camera, and traffic information in real time) and the back of my package weather updates. I am pleased to control a large number of Nobs and buttons with ease. At first, it is quite the undertaking, BMW has a lot of features that can take some quality time to discover.

In addition, I would not let the cat out of bag, but this baby drive like no other man. The standard twin-turbo 3.0L DOHC inline six-cream is good, it is absolutely without faults and it will show the delegate to any kind of push the pedal. And the six-speed automatic with paddles behind the wheel of change is built just as spectacular. It has these two deadly punch, the x6 performing with stealthy, cat like reflexes. And if I thought it was not working better, the x6 is equipped with a range of professional engineering suspension dynamics that make it more worth the price of admission. The xDrive all-wheel drive system is seamless, articulate, and instant on all the roads safe. The suspension is much improved with dynamic vitality control, descent control, and taught 19 "tires and wheels. It's genius Trifecta, the x6 stands out from the crowd.

The only problem with all this is true BMW. With high expectations of higher prices. If a potential buyer is ready to descend lob over $ 55k for a real piece of hardware, probably should be happy and well. For guys like me, I admire and a spirit of life through enhanced like a good car. I choose not to let all the cats in the bag, but there is so much more to discover and speak once the customer gets his hands on x6. I will not ruin ten page article, is unfair. Therefore, I loved taking this good for the moment operators of the concept property. And how about the Escalade, Range Rover or Mercedes ML ... Does the x6 is the real deal. And finally, the remedy for the SUV. Smiles for miles baby!


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