bmw x6

we are discussing about bmw x6


BMW has created a new concept in BMW x6 sports activity coupe. This is a cross breed between a SUV and a stylish cut. With its elegant appearance, and personality, the BMW x6 is the ideal way to combine your life and your game time with wisdom and ease of processing.

Three are two races of x6, X Drive X 35i and Drive50i. The 35i is too fast in his 300 horsepower engine, giving you the speed and agility you'd expect from BMW. The 50i steals the scene with maximum power and acceleration capabilities. The use of a V8 turbo engine and 400 horsepower, the BMW will blow all other right of the map. If you are looking for speed and high torque, you find the perfect match to the same level.

So, you know, the x6 is made for speed, but what else do for you? BMW x6 will be full of charm and substance. Designed with a higher type of palette, the x6 is equipped to take you where you want to go.

The life of luxury-x6 is all about living in the fastest lap of satisfaction. The control of dynamic performance of these options makes the car almost drives itself. It offers a perfect drive is not just for any practical life but also a real pleasure to take on the road. Power moon roof casts an expert clear the leather that you can sink in and get comfortable with

Travel-Keep your family safe with six airbags and BMW are very clean electronic stability control. There are many to x6 for a family of four and all your travel gear. No elbows will touch the x6, there is much room to spread and claim your own personal space.

Off-road look clever, the x6 seemed almost too perfect for removal of main street, but make sure the vehicle is equipped to treat even the most difficult terrain. With its high sports you navigate through the most extreme conditions. Pack like a car has come with power lift gate automatically opens to reveal a cargo area easily store all your hiking and off-road speed.

This sports activity vehicle is so versatile that you can take everywhere. Happy for the company, the BMW x6 offers high standards we expect from BMW-the vehicle of your dreams.


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