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Initially, everyone thought that the images in the release of self-usual spies are a good way to create the hype, but finally some of the pictures have finally surfaced over the internet. However, at the Acura still remain silent for the moment and the company did not give any indication on the technical characteristics of the crossover model.

In addition, Acura has not denied any of these photos, but they do not seem to be in a mood to give details yet. The CUV will surely benefit the company in the near future.

We do not know the engine at the moment, although many market experts expect the latest generation have a tail is similar to the Acura TL with a V8 engine.

But in any case, the latest crossover SUVs are expected to feature the latest Acura Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system. Looking at the pictures that have emerged over the Internet, in May concluded that the bulging front and rear wheels of the vehicle would be a coupé-like design.

Moreover, one can also spot hidden rear passenger door handles, and profound effects of the BMW X6, the wallpapers and the leak of images from the Acura CUVs.

So let us wait and see what eventually happens with Acura. But until then all you can do is look at these cool wallpapers and Acura impressive images to get an idea of what these really look Acura CUVs. Remember, this is the first time when vehicles Acura V8 engine characteristics and bear the look of BMW cars. In addition, it is expected that these CUVs affects the German market!


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