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The BMW Company is considered the king of the Automotive industry and making the most expensive cars in the world. This is a German Automotive Company and an acronym for Bavarian Motor Works. BMW is one of the oldest international vehicle manufacturers and is operational since 1916.

A brief description of some famous products BMW has provided, which will bring full justice to the "King" title for BMW.

BMW cars:

1st series:
The first series of BMW saloon car launched in autumn 2004, which introduced a new hardware, body kits, engine, chassis and other parts. The introduction of BMW vehicles at one point was very low, but the 3rd series of BMW vehicles slowly and gradually increased the market value of BMW vehicles.

3rd series:
The 3rd series of BMW cars are known as the executive class and the BMW was launched in the market in 1975. The 3rd series is now in its fifth generation, and all new models of 3rd grade, not only revolutionary in the Automotive world, but also increased the prestige of the BMW car. The fifth generation of the 3rd series with the E90 Sport Sedan, Station wagon (E91) coupe (E92) and more impressive and attractive car. Is offering buyers the luxury of terrific Speaker (surround system), and the manual navigation system.

The BMW model is the most important models in the world for its sale. The BMW Company modified these cars more when added only BMW Faro, remote engine start system, DVD Player with 4 LCD screens and other features.

Sports Series:

Sports Series market activity is the name of the BMW sports car series that describes the number of SUV's (Sport utility vehicles). BMW, Sports family strengthening the capacities of his sports car with excellent road handling as Creator pace. The sport car shows that for most part, the car is more "Action" based rather than "utility" basis. All the sports car from BMW is classified under the X-series.

Below is a list of vehicles currently produced in the sports series

Sports activity vehicle (SAV)

X-5 series was first introduced to the sport car in 1999 and known as the first sports car from BMW Family. Four years later, the series X-3 was introduced. X The Series 3 is the best selling.

Sport coupe:

BMW launches that flourishes in the X-6 series known as the Sports Activity coupe. In fact, the BMW X-6 series is an add-on made the FVO X-6 series more important than SAV and unmatched performance.

The job:

Currently working in companies BMW X1 concept which is the most expensive series of BMW's sports activity.

Extra efficient BMW vehicles:

Proud BMW launches its new R Series coupe, which is regarded as a luxury car, and offers different features to customers. The best cars in the series 135i coupe is worth $ 35,000.

The most important models in the series 3 follows:

After the 3rd series, the BMW launches its 5th series with slight changes to them. They changed the exterior and interior design 3rd series vehicle and presents them as 5th grade, but the main emphasis is on changing internal systems to increase the level of power the engine 5th grade.

The series includes two popular vehicles:

2005 5 Series with M Sport package
2005 5 series of turn sports package M


BMW X6 Car is available in North America in two variants. Both use twin-turbocharged engines. The top-of-the-line model is the xDrive50i which uses an all-new 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine.It can give high performance and good fuel engine.
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