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I must be near the gene that makes high-riding vehicles appeal to many others. As a car enthusiast and an engineer, I can certainly appreciate the performance of companies like BMW and Infiniti have to compete in the vehicles as the X6 and the EX35. But there is absolutely nothing in the new 2009 BMW X6 that could not be better done in a vehicle with a normal car type vehicle. After all, who goes off-road in one of these? The best explanation I can get BMW officials of the existence of the X6 is that many pilots in command of the eye of their environment informed.

According to BMW, the X6 is designed to provide stylish coupe looks with the high performance people expect from a BMW and the utility of an SUV. As is often the case, vehicles that try to fit too many categories at once not the installation of a well. It is not all bad news for the new X6, however. If this is not my cup of tea, there are undoubtedly some of those who worship the beast. Read more after the jump or the X6 may be what you want in your garage.


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