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With abbreviations rife in car speak all over the world, it is easy to feel less overwhelmed during the launch of a new car, marketing material is full of rules and codes that you just do not understand. Something you can count on is that at least understand the meaning and description of the type of vehicle you're looking for right? Cut? Two-door, sporty version, common, larger, more reasonable saloon sibling. SUV? Sport utility vehicle. We all love and hate all of them simultaneously. We love the convenience and security of large car feel more and more difficult and more difficult to justify the size, cost and environmental impact of gas guzzlers' will.

So we have to handle the description of car then? Perhaps not.

Thanks to BMW, you can now attend to different types of vehicles, a Sports Activity Vehicle, or SAV for short obsessed. The new and final offer from BMW is a concept that combines the high binding, 4X4 feelings and practicality of an SUV with rich, sophisticated and far more tasteful lines of a coupe. Revealed at Frankfurt Motor Show for the first time, the German automaker will certainly be a niche vehicle that sells many innovations, called "dynamic efficiency" to create new services as environmentally friendly as possible. BMW has implemented innovative solutions to a number of aspects of the vehicle, helping to reduce the impact on environment by reducing emissions and maximize fuel economy, one of several solutions implemented and showing examples of changes that BMW engineers are the "air control". Cut vents in front of a vehicle for purposes of cooling is bad news from an aerodynamic point of view, especially for large vehicles such as BMW x6. While cooling modern cars are inevitable, BMW has designed a system that ensures that when the ventilation is not required, vents in front of the car was closed to maximize the aerodynamic efficiency of the design to reduce fuel consumption. Reduced the rolling resistance tires add another option in their debut in the new BMW x6.

With two petrol and two diesel engines, designed to give cars like the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport a race for their money, BMW will release its first hybrid engine car in 2009. With the dynamics of the effectiveness of programs, the ActiveHybrid be one of the most friendly service (the only?) May, brought the game to the Lexus RX400h.

The first vehicles will be delivered to customers the opportunity to May / June this year and you will find more details on the new BMW x6 to Until then, the press will have more time to consider theBMW become x6 and sharpening our appetite with new good things to come, or to rain on parade BMW. There tells me that BMW may be another Bangle Blockbuster.


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