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Recipe of the BMW X6 seems simple, the mechanics, size and morphology of a 4x4 and then combine with the body of a coupe, which is designed for four people. Admittedly, however, if you live at the expense of purchasing and maintaining a large SUV you wait until it has more people than a medium-sized sedan. Especially when Volvo XC90 is the work of the seven people.

However, that the BMW X6 has the latest developments in the sport utility vehicle that combines excellence with dynamic driving pleasure, and rivals in the shape of the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and the Mercedes ML63. But the uncertainty of gas prices, operating costs and the antipathy of the public increasingly large 4x4 SUV many previous owners back to the more modest saloon and hatchback.

Within the BMW X6, the driver is always benefit from the high driving position, which would be recognized by anyone with a 4x4, it is the performance and handling with the greatest surprise. Under the hood is an engine of 4.4-liter V8 that produces 400 horsepower and is capable of propelling this giant of the car to 60 in 5.4 seconds.

The BMW X6 comes with an 8-speed automatic that can be controlled by paddles on the steering wheel if you feel the need to change gears yourself. However, BMW's Dynamic Performance Control software that really allows this SUV to shine. CPD sense of power and grip for each wheel, and so when we start to slip, power is automatically transferred to the other wheel that has more grip.

From the outside, the BMW X6 is an impressive sight with the large 20 inch alloy wheels, powerful xenon headlights, elegant style and cutting of the body. It is a vehicle, you must on the road, especially when one considers that it is wider and longer than more conventional BMW X5.

There is no work for the fact that the BMW X6 is a great 4x4 that dwarfs most vehicles on the road, and will perhaps not the most subtle way to travel in the current economic climate disruption. However, it is also true that BMW has a new type of 4x4 and a style and the search for intelligent vehicles, which despite its size and weight and handles more than four-door coupe that was designed around a standard SUV.


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