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German tuning shop HARTGE their tuning program for BMW X6 SUC (Sport Utility Coupe). Vehicles can now take a position and also adds new enhancements riding.

"HARTGE" developed "BMW X6" aerodynamic body kit is made of lightweight polyurethane plastic, with the original design, the front bumper with a net capture of air holes, the thresholds of decorating and bumper rear diffuser. It guts of the carbon side mirrors too. Sporting is the conclusion of a 22-inch wheels and a set of sport springs that lowers the ground clearance of 30 mm.

Initially, technical improvements will be made available to "BMW X6" variant "xDrive35d for three liters biturbo diesel. The engine has about ECU (Electronic Control Unit) setting. His power increased from 286 hp to 328 hp stock and a maximum torque - 428 lb.-ft. to 498 lb.-ft., which is already available from two thousand revolutions per minute. Add to this the better fuel economy than stock and is actually lighter. Later, the 3.0L diesel engine of xDrive30d will be pumped up to 275hp (+40 hp) and 441 lb.-ft. (115 lb.-ft.).

Despite the weight of 4409 pounds, he is 0-60 in 6 seconds, a second better than stock. Since HARTGE has disabled the factory electronic speed improvement diesel BMW X6 will be able to reach speeds of 159 mph.

Program "HARTGE" costs $ 38,000. So there may be an opportunity for the price of $ 38,000 and asked for an upgrade of power.


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