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Do you know what luxury hybrid vehicles are available in market now? Do you get confused when you see advertisements on television for many different makes and models? Youâ € ™ re not the only one. Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular in todayâ € ™ s driving the world and the options are growing each and everyday. Easy-guide will give you a ï ¿½ "ï ¿hopefully ½" a clear view various hybrid vehicles available for consumer purchase.

The BMW racing market was cornered by his and BMW HR2 hybrid. They also have a consumer line of hybrid vehicles that include the BMW C-1 scooter, BMW x6 hybrid, BMW SUV hybrids, and the BMW X3 hybrid.

Lexus Luxury car manufacturer Lexus is offering consumers two hybrids in the sedan style: the GS and the Id. The RX is their SUV hybrid. The ls sedan is one of Lexusâ € ™ top line models with a hefty price tag of $ 104,000.00 MSRP. The GS comes in at $ 54,900.00 MSRP and the RX SUV starts at $ 41,280.00 MSRP.

Mercury Mercury is the type of job luxury automobile and their marine SUV is a hybrid four-wheel drive starting at $ 28,945.00. The entire wheel drive model is $ 27,195.00. Mercuryâ € ™ s prices for their hybrids will remain in close to MSRP for their conventional models even most hybrids go for an average of $ 10,000.00 more.

Porsche Deep pockets drive Porsches in the first place and they are getting into the hybrid market with introduction of the Porsche Cayenne SUV automobile once during 2008-2009. Consider a fully loaded Porsche SUV sits around $ 93,700.00, plan to bring your bank book. It is perhaps not only the Porsche hybrid is developed. Many people would be interested in the sedan line company offers and that perhaps the next offering after the Cayenne.

Mercedes While they still Dona € ™ t have a consumer with their hybrid dealership lot more, Mercedes is planning on bringing one in 2009. One of the S-Class cars, hybrid is not cheap. Estimates placing the value is between $ 127,000.00 to $ 195,000.00. Hybrids likely more expensive overall so Dona € ™ t be surprised if it goes over $ 195,000.00. If this goes well, Mercedes will bring more through 2010.

Just because you Dona € ™ t see your favorite car line in this list, which doesnâ € ™ t mean they have a hybrid available. Toyota and Ford both have model to many and there is rumor circling that Volkswagen will start making them as well. As a matter of fact, it is probably only a matter of time before most major automobile manufacturers have a hybrid in their â € ~ stableâ € ™ of the vehicle.

Also, the vehicle manufacturers continue to add product lines and rolling out the new models each year. If you have a small bit of patience, you can find the perfect hybrid for you. Insignificant if it is an SUV or car ï ¿½ "might be a truck ï ¿½" hybrids are the way of the future and have more street because people go through.

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